Asparagus hunting!

I’ve gone asparagus hunting a couple times now this year. I’ve only found a few stalks, but it’s really nice to spend time walking with a purpose outside. Here’s the most interesting asparagus that I’ve come across. I wonder what made it grow this way?

Skull pancake!!

First interesting pancake of 2010! oh wait. this is not a pancake. this is injera made wisconsin style (with miller light BEER instead of club soda!)

Latvian Easter Eggs

Here’s the only picture I have to prove that I colored some easter eggs this year. This was done entirely naturally using onion skins, rice, barley, pasta, and plant material (like grass and bush clippings).

Happy Birthday MARK!

After a fight with an uncooperative oven (who thought that the setting for 425 actually equaled 550. Grrrrr.), I made the cream puffs:

November art – 1 of 4

In November, my furnace decided to stop working…. so I baked 5 pies and assorted other baked goods to heat my house a couple of degrees….

sadly, I did not have enough muscle coordination left in my (then frozen hands/brain) to take a better picture of said pies 😉 and I have no pictures of the other baked goods either.