Dirty patterns

These are nowhere near done, and in fact are very dirty. But sometimes I think that the patterns left on a piece just after soldering are just so neat.

Four more stone settings

Man. I have to work on polishing these, but I figured I’d post a picture anyway — even if it *is* dirty. This brings my total up to 16. Thirty-four more to go….

Surprise in the mail!

Someone sent me a bunch of AWESOME little dichroic cabs in the mail 🙂 🙂 🙂 Now to design some silver to go around them…..

12 bezel settings

Thirty-eight more to go….. The I get to install a solar tube in my kitchen! By the way, i made all of the cabs used in these pendants and earrings, too. They’re glass. Some are dichroic and the striped ones were just a neat technique I learned about earlier this year.

Day 16 & 17 — metalwork

Been working away on that metalwork project for Feb. I’m about half done! Yeah! Too bad it’s a super-top-secret project because it would be fun to post pictures of it. Ah well. I can leave you with this, though. Here’s a preview of what’s involved in the super-top-secret-metal-project of mine 🙂

In February there will be more pictures.

Day 2 — copper stuff

The beginnings of some jewelry….

…..and I think I broke my tool 🙁 stupid cheap-o steel combo tool :[ Turns out that the inner screwy bits weren’t strong enough to withstand the torque and I believe a small portion of the inside is stripped on one side. doh.

Hopefully still useable on thinner gauges…. we’ll see tomorrow, I guess.

Copper disk earrings

I finally started using this etched piece of copper that I made in a class some 8 or 9 years ago. Of course, I forgot to take a picture of the metal sheet before beginning to cut it up. Sigh.

First, a pair of earrings:


Last week I practiced both basic soldering and mass production:

My mom asked for some bails for her glass work projects. The first 15 were kind of tough and rather annoying, but the next 20+ were easy peasy.