Four more stone settings

Man. I have to work on polishing these, but I figured I’d post a picture anyway — even if it *is* dirty. This brings my total up to 16. Thirty-four more to go….

12 bezel settings

Thirty-eight more to go….. The I get to install a solar tube in my kitchen! By the way, i made all of the cabs used in these pendants and earrings, too. They’re glass. Some are dichroic and the striped ones were just a neat technique I learned about earlier this year.

Copper disk earrings

I finally started using this etched piece of copper that I made in a class some 8 or 9 years ago. Of course, I forgot to take a picture of the metal sheet before beginning to cut it up. Sigh.

First, a pair of earrings:

Small Green Pendant

I finally sat down to play with metal and fire this weekend and here’s what came out!

Very plain. Very simple. But still pretty. AND confidence boosting. I finished it in far less time than I’d expected AND now i have several more studio-type things set up and ready to use! (most notably: my buffer is up and running!)

Changing purposes…

While in Ventura last weekend, I found a pretty nice macrame belt. Since I am not fond of wearing belts for show (I’m more of a utilitarian belt person 😉 I thought that it might make a nice necklace and/or bracelet… and it did!

I couldn’t resist taking a picture while I was unraveling the part that I cut. This makes me think of an alien bug, don’t you agree?

Two necklaces

Two necklaces I made before Christmas. Both are sterling silver and amber. The top one, however, is made with a “reconstituted” amber bead. It’s kind of like someone took all the cut-offs from their other amber projects, glued them together in a big lump with amber-colored glue, and then shaped/sanded/polished the bead in to shape. The filled-in cracks look pretty neat-o.

Top one was a commissioned piece, sold shortly before Christmas.
Bottom one was a gift to myself 🙂