Day 7 — playing with a laminator

Tuesday I finally made those plant tags I was talking about to attach to some contested plants in my backyard. These are now attached to the plants in question:

After finishing those I decided to play with some collage and laminate it…. unfortunately, I learned the hard way that two layers of cardboard going through my laminator = pain, sadness, broken things, and much much much pulling to get things unstuck. Here’s all that’s left:

(Luckily, I had some awesome help to get this unstuck from the machine. I do believe that the machine works again, too.)

Day 5 — more painting

No picture today. This morning I started working on fixing up (yet another) half-finished painting. Still acrylic. I’ll be trying out the oils later this week, I think.

Day 3 — acrylic doodling

Started out like this (long forgotten annoying painting in a pile somewhere):

Then between Day 1 and this morning went to this (which I found too busy and still annoying and even a little bit embarrassing to post)

And at lunchtime I brought out a little paint to tone it down:

4″ x 6″

Still not my favorite, but I will grudgingly admit some improvement. NON-grudgingly, I will admit to being pretty darn cheery that I got my paints out in the middle of the day for a sanctioned break 🙂

Day 2 — copper stuff

The beginnings of some jewelry….

…..and I think I broke my tool 🙁 stupid cheap-o steel combo tool :[ Turns out that the inner screwy bits weren’t strong enough to withstand the torque and I believe a small portion of the inside is stripped on one side. doh.

Hopefully still useable on thinner gauges…. we’ll see tomorrow, I guess.

Day 1 — Latvian Graffiti

Last night I spent a solid 90 minutes working on a secret metal project (reveal coming in Feb) and then went on to painting just because I enjoy painting. That being said, I think I need to start out with a better idea of what I want to end up with the next time I paint 😉 to me, this just looks kinda messy. BUT! it was fun. I intended to wake up early this morning to paint before work, buuuuuut….. multiple snooze happened instead.

Latvian Graffiti
8″ x 10″