Coasters, take 2

Here are the results of my new camera! Too bad good picture-taking skillz didn’t come along with it. I noticed that it focuses so well that I will really need to pay more attention to how well I clean my pieces before photographing them….

Next up? Glass beads & jewelry.

The last few weeks I’ve been trying to spend a couple of hours a week in my garage studio playing with molten glass. It’s been fun, but out of every 5-10 beads I make only 1 is something worth showing other people :/ it kind of makes me wonder if torchwork is worth the effort. I guess I’ll keep going for now and see what comes of it.

I figure it’s been a week+ since the wedding so now I’m allowed to post pictures. Recycled interior design calendar and tiles from the local ReStore. and spray paint. and a liquid glass type sealant. I’ve got more. I just need…. to buy a camera. SOON. for real.

4″x4″ tiles

(glass & mirror on tiles)

(magazine ad cut out and glued to a tile)

what do you think – do you notice that one of these pictures are before sealing and one of these is *after* sealant?

tiles in progress….

i wouldn’t bother clicking on the picture to see it bigger – this is being kept intentionally small since all of what is pictured here is in progress. i’d like to figure out a way to make these into both a coaster and a wall hanging… but the hanging hardware i’ve found so far isn’t cooperating. plus, i think i should have attached the hanging hardware *before* gluing on photos/paper because any glue i use now can’t be cured by heat — or it *can* but i’d have to watch pretty carefully. i’m not sure if the chemicals modern paper is treated with make paper more or less flammable. hmm.

a couple free-form mosaics…

Interesting…. I had the hardest time getting rid of the extra space at the beginning of this table…. but then it magically disappeared when i used a different tab of the blogspot post composer…. I wonder what html I’m missing…. I should probably get my hands on a html guide… but this is getting much closer to what I’d imagined doing with my picture posts…