Second Quivet

OK — technically my first one that I assembled, but it’s the second one I finished. It took me forever to find an acceptable “other side” color —- I settled (happily settled, mind you) on a deep purple. so there, mom. it’s not green 😛 I think you’ll like the purple!

A Blue Bag

K, a Latvian friend of mine who’s an accomplished quilter, suggested trying out a sewing project….

Turns out my sewing skills have neither increased nor decreased for lack of use. I am still an average seamstress….. but I *can* follow directions! (the part that tells me what to sew together with what — I obviously did NOT listen to the part in the directions that said to choose stiff fabric)

Sweater deconstruction…

Someday, this sweater will be made in to a scarf…. right now, those two balls onthe right are what used to be sweater arms. It’s surprisingly tricky to get a sweater un-done. I suppose it would help if I were more familiar with knitting so I wouldn’t keep picking the wrong end to start from….

fleece blanket

Would you believe that I got a blister from where my fingers were rubbing up against the canvas I was working on top of while tying all those knots? ouch. Next time I’m picking a better surface to work on.

more tie dye….

More tie dye from last week…. there are still a few other things I haven’t photographed yet…. but I think I am moving on to other stuff 🙂

Tie Dye folding chair!

After much strenuous re-stretching of the silly canvas (never put these things in the dryer. never.) we have two fully functioning folding chairs again 🙂 and instead of a before and after shot, you get to see both at once. I’m not disassembling and re-assembling these chairs ever again if I can avoid it. (but if I ever do, the white one may get tie dyed, too!)