hot dog art?

One entertaining art night we, ah, started playing with food – cutting it in to small pieces, mixing different food together and rearranging it:

the real art, however, is the smile-y face made with the orange bingo stamper that you can see just under one of the plates 😉

Peep art!

OK… so this post might be a little bit cheating…. it’s from *last* year, but I’ve been away from home and largely away from art supplies for the past week…. I made one of these…. can you guess which one? Others were made by 11frogs, Live without regrets, Leigha’s mom, and Nick….

Peep Wine!

Peep UFO and alien!

Peeps waterskiing!

Peep fertility/wedding!


Peep-zilla’s demise in the microwave…

Disgruntled holiday cookies!!!

This weekend there was a small cookie baking event at D’s house…. two people made ‘normal’ cookies on one side of the kitchen… meanwhile, on the other side… little did they know that B would start an all out disgruntled/disturbed/demented cookie cutting spree…. ok…. maybe D *did* know what would happen if B were involved…. enjoy!

By me:

By B:

(Hopefully I’ll get to post a few more in the next few days if I get more pictures sent to me… I find myself wishing I’d had my camera along pretty often at D’s house….. there were sooo many more cookies i wish i’d have caught on ‘film’!)

Food as art?

Some of us may have gotten a little over-enthusiastic while picking strawberries last week… what you see here is almost 9 lbs of strawberries being washed… which were later turned in to:
– Straw-blu-barb streusel
– Strawberry meringues
– Strawberry gelato
– Strawberry salad
– Straweberry-papaya shakes
– Frozen strawberry yogurt

…and we still have a BIG bowl left of them for eating fresh…. unfortunately no one at my house wants to look at strawberries any more at the moment….

Food as art

Here’s what we did on Sunday:

we made (braided) a bazillion Choereg (Armenian Easter Bread).
They turned out really neat!
(and tasty, too!)

Latvian Easter Eggs


Start with raw eggs, onion skins, various vaguely edible things to put in along w/ the eggs (these are not needed if all you want is to make them brown), and old nylons/tights/pantyhose. Wrap eggs with onion skins and other misc things (pasta, rice, grass, tapioca, etc…). Tie off the nylon/casing inbetween each egg to keep all the stuff pressed up against the egg. Wherever that stuff is pressing will be less accessible to the dye coming from the onion skins, which will give your eggs a wide range of color, going from pale yellows all the way into a deep deep brown and sometimes you’ll even get greens & purples, too!

Boil eggs ~30 minutes… Cool eggs and cut the casing open.

Admire the eggs… each one is different!

We did regular eggs, too!