a work sketch (or five!)

Last one first…. a smushed bug in the style of the smushed fairy books & calendars…

Then a series of the common angry bugs that find their way into all of my notebooks….
One of these things is not like the others….
three are mine, one is not…
can you tell which is which?
🙂 i love them all equally!

The correct answer is….. Mischevious Racoon created by James Jonathon Jafolla (jjjafolla@uwalumni.com). He can do some cool stuff (or so he tells me) – you should check him out.


Did I ever post this? One day this summer I bought some shrinkydink paper at the most excellent price of 50 cents and demanded that a friend of mine come over to make shrinkydinks with me. One of these is my work and the other 6 are Craig’s. Who wants to guess which one is mine?

I made a couple others that have not been photographed, yet, but will update with those (as usual) once i get my hands on a digital camera. no. i still haven’t bought one.

an old charcoal sketch

I think it’s interesting how very different the same drawing looks when you use flash and when you don’t:

this is an old sketch with brown charcoal on some remnant of cardboard i found while at a friend’s house for an Art Party where everyone contributed to a HUGE painting. I’m tempted to have an Art Party where i take down all the ceiling tiles from my downstairs bar and have everyone paint one. I figure they’re reversible (so one side will always be white) and even without that they’re relatively cheap to replace if i hate the look of a funky painted ceiling – right?