The beginnings of a Test Run Quilt

I want to make a king size quilt for myself and I want to make it in the “watercolor” style…. so since I generally don’t sew much (despite two of my last posts this week being fabric-related) and I certainly don’t consider myself “a quilter”, I figured I should buy just a small amount of fabric to test my ideas/theories in a more “safe” way than immediately committing to the BIG project….. so here is the beginning of my new lap blanket.

Starting with this sorted fabric:

Here’s what I ended up with after a day of sewing and ironing (and a rather sore/stiff neck):

I think that this proof of concept came out pretty well! Good stuff that came out of this baby quilt business:

  • I did notice that I was missing a couple of shades here & there, so I could go buy a few more pieces of fabric for the “real” quilt
  • I found out that I’m not the world’s most consistent seamstress and will have to pay more attention to sewing straight lines consistently straight
  • I realized that buying the diagonally biased square interfacing is harder to correct (if you sew crooked 🙂 so I’m going to do the “real” quilt “on the square”

Next steps = figure out what to use as a border & actually quilt this little lap blanket together.

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