Apples & flat lap grinders…. all else is temporarily on hold.

I bought a flat lap grinder last week and only just today got around to assembling it. It took a while (there are screws that are threaded so that they loosen to the right…. doh!) and I’m going to be honest with you —- after turning it on and off a couple of times and watching the motor spin so fast that the whole machine kind of sidled & practically jumped sideways on my countertop, I’m a little scared of using the thing. But I will. I just need to step out and pick up some distilled water for it before trying anything.

In other news, I don’t think I should be allowed to go to any produce farms with 11 frogs. I thought I learned my lesson with the tomato insanity business earlier this summer, but no.

You see, I now have 49 pounds of apples to process…

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