This weekend I:

  • Fixed the shed door. New hinges = the door closes easily now 🙂
  • Finished assembling the compost bin – it is now one cohesive piece and will not fall over if you touch it. Let the composting begin in earnest!
  • Bought COE 96 glass and assembled some photo transfer fusing stuff. Photos of that to come later this week. The firing will probably be Tuesday night, so… no pictures of the outcome until Thursday (or later)
  • Assembled the working frame for the stained glass window. My mom, the stained glass teacher, was right…. putting it all in the frame pointed out how off-kilter it still was and I have much work to do to get it all to fit. But I made some progress.

The only picture from this yesterday’s projects worth showing is….

I guess i either got a little carried away with the electric drill or else I bought crummy quality screws. There are now two screws in the compost bin that are never coming out….

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