I bought two tables this weekend. Both need some work.

Table #1 is from Saturday’s trip to visit my aunt:

It’s a folding table but it’s currently missing a leg. Which is interesting because I bought a leg for it on Sunday and the leg cost me more than the entire table did…. almost twice as much! (how does this happen?) Total cost to this point is still <$10 but still.
Table #2 is from Sunday’s trip to brunch @ D’s:

Step 1 = give it a good, long bath with lots of elbow grease:

Step 2 = decide whether to leave it as is, paint it some other color, or strip it & refinish it. Painted wood makes me a little sad sometimes, so I’m leaning towards the refinishing route…. which means chemical stripping in this case, I think. There are at least 2 layers, possibly three, to go through and they look like they’re old, possibly lead-based and will likely be a medium-pain-in-the-butt to get off…..

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  1. Good call on the chemical strip. Jason’s mom sanded down some of the woodwork in our old house and got lead poisoning. It’s been a pretty serious ordeal and taken a long time to get better with possible permanent brain damage! She wasn’t wearing a mask. Tsk tsk!

  2. Also, I love the white table, it’s gorgeous. I think the white gives it a sort of “Rococo” look so if you DIDN’T want to strip it… It would still be cool. What would I do if it were MY table, you don’t ask? I think I would probably paint it that sort of copper green, then I would go for a creamy white over that, then I would paint some gold details… Or What I would probably do is let it sit in the garage for three years and not do anything, but thankfully you are more of a “do-er” than me. 😛

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