Tomato insanity!

Last year it was strawberries that my roommate and I got carried away with… this year it was tree farm produce….

What you see here is 32 lbs of tomatoes, 15 lbs of tomatillos, and almost 5 lbs of hot peppers.

After much work (and notice it’s not even done!!! there are ever more tomatoes & tomatillos to deal with), it’s turned in to 4 quarts, 11 pints, and 16 half-pints of canned stuff. It also became some fresh salsa and some tomato soup. Click on this picture if you want to see what’s what.

AND this year was the first year ever where I exploded a few jars. Sadly, these all would have been pickled peppers if only they had survived (I tasted a few explodees and they were quite tasty) and so there are only 3 jars left of that particular experiment… at least they made a pretty cool “BOOM!” sound when they blew… (^_^)

Earlier this year I canned three different kinds of jam, too:
– blueberry, low-sugar
– blueberry-cherry-rhubarb
– blueberry-blackberry-gooseberry
The blueberries I picked in Michigan, the blackberries in Chuck’s backyard, and the gooseberries in my yard (they’re one of the new bushes in the highly contested borderline). But I don’t have any pictures of *that* process.

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  1. I just wanted to tell you that if you feel you have too many jars of tomatillo goodness, I would gladly help you out with that. In fact I would even pay you for the goods. I loves me some tomatillo sauce on enchiladas. OH VERDE DELIGHT!

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