July & August intentions

I’m starting to think that perhaps I’m trying to fit too much in to one month…. especially considering that in the last two months I’ve only finished one of the things on my list :S

….starting in September, I’m narrowing the list of things to accomplish and adding a section of “bonus points for doing _____ ” kind of list. Or that’s the thought at *this* moment anyway…. let’s see if that works or not….

– re-wire kiln
– re-do the patio furniture
– mat and/or frame a bunch of stuff
– begin a woodworking project (a table!)
– paint the 3.5’x7.5′ paintings at D’s (or at least *start* them)
– track down one last ceiling tile painter…. who happens to be my roommate!
– rehab clay & glazes
– get back to creating that window!
— grind down the edges
— wash & dry all pieces
— wrap with copper foil
— burnish the copper foil
— solder the window
— ?patina?
— install the window
– play with hot glass

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