Candied violets!

Last weekend I went to visit Laura. The original plans were to brunch and go biking, but what we did instead was go for a walk with her two dogs, where we found 2 morels along the way (!!!). After that, we decided we wanted to save some of the violets that her dad would be mowing down in the next week, so we picked a kerjillion of them to make candied violets (and pressed some violets, too). Friends, I am not ever planning on doing that again. Laura, the rest of the day was fantastic —- but what a pain to get candied violets to look nice! They are still drying on top of my microwave. Who wants to try some?

And then I played a little with some digital elph technology. Here are two examples of “color swap”…..

Check out these radioactive orange violets:

Run, Laura, Run!

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