March marbles

Amazing what a little dramatic lighting can do…. these marbles were going to be called something like “an assortment of some of the ugliest marbles I’ve ever made”… HOWEVER…. the angle of the flash seems to have caught some of them in a way that makes them very interesting to me…. too bad they’re not always this sparkly when holding them in my hand in real life…. you can click on the picture to see a close-up, if you like.

I’m still expecting at least 3 more of them to fall apart at any given moment. I did not do a great job of annealing them and there are a whole lot of stress fractures in these that are just waiting to explode. But it’s nice to have now used the little kiln (not the one that needs reqiring – the big kiln is still unusable) twice and not be as afraid of burning down my garage 😉

Next steps: Use fewer colors and pick the ones i *do* use more carefully. Several of these just look “muddy”.

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  1. Yeah, upon closer inspection they’re pretty hideous… except for the two left-most, top and bottom. Now those two are frekin’ beauties!

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