boro pendants

here’s what I did this afternoon…. notice I started out awful, got a little bit more interesting…. then got worse again (#5) and then the last one was OK again… also, that first one took a bit over an hour (eeeek!) but the next ones took less and less time until I was down to about 15 minutes per pendant. I would have done more, but my arms got tired (and I got hungry). I guess if I start donig this every other day again, I’ll build up my tolerance 🙂

These are all borosilicate glass (a.k.a. pyrex) which has some qualities that are waaaaaaay different than the soft glass I’ve been doing up until now. Most noticably different is the reaction of the colors to the flame…. boro does somethign called “striking” and… I still don’t have the hang of it….. ALso, boro uses much hotter temperatures and requires adjusting the flame to be an oxidizing flame (rather than neutral)….

And then this was me trying to figure out which background to use… light? or dark? or light? or dark?

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