arguing dragons

more watercolors….. i did not set out to create arguing dragons, but rather I watercolor colors and stuff together, let them dry and then come back to stare at the blobs of color until I see something interesting in the swirls of color…. then use another media to make whatever *I* see more visible to anyone looking at the piece. In all of the pictures from this week, it was india ink. Next week, I think I will be back to oil pastels.

A series of fairies, 1999

Since i can’t post new stuff (no camera) I will post an interesting series of fairies caught in uncomfortable postions in everyday life. I’d say these are from…. 1999 I think. at the UW. 3 are from my drawing class and 1 is an attempt at a lithograph. I think I already waxed poetic about how much i like litho and how sad it is that it’s a) toxic and b) not something i can do at home.

At any rate, you will also probably notice that I need to take some time to properly frame things at my house. I, ah, maybe have been on somethign of an instant gratification kick lately so when I find something I made a long time ago and want to put it up… rather than framing it and protecting it I have put a lot of things up on my walls with thumbtacks (even though I own a kajillion frames and a mat-cutter and could frame them if I even tried a little bit). Though, to be fair, my mat-cutter isn’t set up and everytime i decide to use it I spend about half an hour putzing tryign to jury-rig a usable setup.

Painted while living in Japan.
Watercolors and ink.
very small…. about 2″ square.

oil pastels on watercolor

I needed a quick art fix earlier this summer…. so oil pastel on top of Japanese watercolors seemed like the way to go…. i rather like making blotches of whatever color(s) I happen to pick out of my box. Then come back after it’s dry to stare at the blotches to see what appears and finally to adjust it so that other people can see what I see. This time I used oil pastels on top of the watercolors. sometimes it’s ink. sometimes it’s acrylic. sometimes it’s more watercolors.

I’m still researching digital cameras, so anything i post for the next month or so will be from my “archive” of pictures taken while “testing” a digital camera I borrowed from a friend. Most recently i’ve been messing around with straight up acrylics, trying to get bodies and body parts to actually look like body parts (instead of zombie people or distorted people or unidentifiable blobs). so far I have *1* that worked 🙂 you probably will not ever got to see the zombie paintings. i try to paint over them as soon as possible. they’re creepy.