Sock monsters

I found an amusing book and decided to make sock monsters an activity for an art night. Here are the ones I made:

now what do I do with them?
I don’t even really like stuffed animals…

The beginnings of a Test Run Quilt

I want to make a king size quilt for myself and I want to make it in the “watercolor” style…. so since I generally don’t sew much (despite two of my last posts this week being fabric-related) and I certainly don’t consider myself “a quilter”, I figured I should buy just a small amount of fabric to test my ideas/theories in a more “safe” way than immediately committing to the BIG project….. so here is the beginning of my new lap blanket.

Starting with this sorted fabric:

Here’s what I ended up with after a day of sewing and ironing (and a rather sore/stiff neck):

I think that this proof of concept came out pretty well! Good stuff that came out of this baby quilt business:

  • I did notice that I was missing a couple of shades here & there, so I could go buy a few more pieces of fabric for the “real” quilt
  • I found out that I’m not the world’s most consistent seamstress and will have to pay more attention to sewing straight lines consistently straight
  • I realized that buying the diagonally biased square interfacing is harder to correct (if you sew crooked 🙂 so I’m going to do the “real” quilt “on the square”

Next steps = figure out what to use as a border & actually quilt this little lap blanket together.

Rag rug – complete!

it’s been a while since I posted anything here…. let’s see if I can get this blog rolling again…. this will *also* require getting *ME* rolling again in the “actually makes/finishes art stuff” category…..

remember this post?

That was the half-finished rag rug…. which is now finished and living in my bathroom!

Little furry helpers….

I thought it might be fun to make a “rag rug” out of some old(ish) towels…… my helpers think a half-finished project as soft & cozy as this one needs to be tested…. (gee thanks for pre-covering it in cat hair guys)

More Pot Holders!

These were actually made in March, but couldn’t be posted right away as they were gifts and it just wouldn’t do to show them off before the recipients got them 😀

Pot holders!

This is what happens when I procrastinate sewing an actual *dress* for myself….. 🙂 Nearly instant gratification!

Silk painting

Two Christmases ago my parents gave me a silk painting kit. It took me until this past weekend to get up enough courage to try it out. Not surprisingly, I’m starting with abstract colors and SALT! I’m totally enamoured with the effects you can get by sprinkling salt on wet watercolors…. you can see the salt crystals in the 3rd picture (where I haven’t brushed them off just yet).

Now what…. what do I do with these? Hmmmm…………