so….. what should i do to this painting? add more details to define the angel? Or leave it all shadowy like it is right now? this one is currently sitting on my black chinese cabinet in my living room. incidentally, i have no idea how to frame paintings that are on any kind of canvas. it’s on my list of things to learn. anyone out there have any suggestions for good framing books to check out?

NOT zombies….. almost people!

Well…. not perfect, but less like zombies than a good number of other paintings from the recent past. The question remains….. do i attempt to ‘fix’ the lady in the dress so she’s not slouching? Or do you like the uncertainty of her stance? and does her dress need straps?

lots of yellow paint…

I had help when I was taking pictures…. perhaps I should figure out a place to photograph art work that is not my basement floor 🙂

these are just some acrylic ‘sketches’ from the past year… mostly just using up paint that was about to die.

Laima-doodles, take 21,987,266,001

More sketchy paintings by Laima….

I tend to sketch/doodle during most meetings at work…. here’s an attempt to see what would happen if I took something from one of my many notebooks covered in black & white Laima-doodles and made them BIG (these are roughly 2’x3′) and added color…. as you can see, I’m still working out the details.

another post-travel painting

this one was painted shortly after returning from Denmark.

And here’s a painting I can’t decide which way to hang…. incidentally, i am also having a hard time deciding whether to keep it or not…. it was painted while hanging out with a cute boy, but is that enough reason to keep it? maybe i should see if boy wants it. Boy doesn’t have much stuff up on his walls after all 😉

okeee dokeee… #2 wins. I’m also painting on the back side of this… it’ll be great!

a series of three….

here are those three paintings I was talking about… my dad got a whole stack of foam-board movie posters (for gosh-awful movies) and so i’ve been somewhat slowly painting over all of them. I guess the actual painting itself has been going quickly — these three took me less than an hour each and I painted them all in less than a 24 hour period (two saturday night and the third Sunday morning) – essentially on a whim. just to see if i could. They’re about two feet by three feet big and they’re painted with acrylics. Acrylics just got WAY more fun for me because I FINALLY tried out this tube of ‘retarding medium’ that Jen gave me as a gift. i *love* that stuff!